Women in Europe is open to everyone. It is a politically independent forum. The association takes position on the actual EU and equality questions and strives for influencing the development of the EU. Our aim is to encourage women to discuss EU issues, to participate actively and to give their contribution to the development process.

In Women in Europe’s opinion women cannot be left in an observer’s status in the European integration process. Our association still has its original mission in mind: to strengthen women’s position in the European decision-making. We discuss the Union-related issues especially from women’s perspective, with equality as our guiding principle.

Women in Europe’s history dates back to 1995, when Women’96 was founded to monitor women’s interests in the European integration process. The association changed its name to Women in Europe when celebrating its 10-years’ anniversary in 2005.

Many members of Women in Europe deal with EU issues in their work, but not all. We have something in common: thirst for knowledge.


More information: sihteeri@eurooppanaiset.fi